-=--=--=--=--=--=--=--=--<* A07: Anvilclang Smithy *>--=--=--=--=--=--=--=--=-

          Down a quiet side alley, a large shield hangs in front of an unassuming 
          shop. Formerly "Under Lock and Key," it appears the shop is under new 
          management. The front door opens with the chime of a small silver bell 
          on an array of locks, locking devices and keys. On the left hand side an 
          assortment of metal shields of all types. On the right there is a set of 
          display armor, and several historical smithing tools arranged thoughtfully 
          on the wall. Straight across at the other end of the hardwood floor is a 
          worn counter with a workbench behind it, though its polish is now influenced 
          by soot. One can see the smithy just behind, a half-room over; and feel its heat. 

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 Serene          Glacier meets granite meets strawberries.             0s   2h
 Walery          A pretty average-looking human. With a death ray.     0s   2m
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Forge                 Out                    

Walery is here in the smithy, though for the moment the forges are cool, and he's 
sitting back in a chair with a novel open on his lap.

The small silver bell chimes as the door opens, followed by a tall woman in a dark 
cloak and a shining breastplate. She pauses there, taking in the different armour 
and shield displays. She doesn't miss the cool forges, either. Eventually her roaming 
gaze falls upon Walery. A moment passes as she assesses him, then she says, "I am 
looking for a smith. This one was recommended to me. Are you Mick Walery?"

Walery's head pops up as the door chime rings, and he pops to his feet, marking his 
place in the thick volume and setting it under the counter. "Am I ..? Oh yes, that's 
me," he says hastily. "Welcome to Anvilclang Smithy, how can I help you?"

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~[ Serene ]~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

         This is a tall woman whose build and movement suggest a blend of strength 
         and speed without the broad shoulders or grace typically associated with 
         either. Her strides are long and purposeful, every gesture direct, all 
         wasted movement minimized. 

          Her eyes are hard and reminiscient of ice, having more in common with 
          the frozen seas of the north than warmer waters such as Brightwater Bay. 
          This colour is slightly at odds with the dark shade of her skin which 
          seems to suggest more than a little Esentran heritage somewhere in the 
          family line. The skin is smooth and youthful, whatever flaws it may have 
          hidden by the dark skin tone. More at odds with this, however, is her hair. 
          It is once again flowing and long, though its length is often dealt with by 
          using a cunning technique of braiding and hair management to keep it up off 
          of her shoulders. The hair still retains its extremely light grey colour, 
          however, and under the right light it can seem almost silver at times. 

          Adding substance to the woman's frame is the mithril armour she wears. Though 
          the silverish metal is by no means as all encasing as the plate armours worn 
          by many knights of the realm, it certainly offers more than just token protection 
          while leaving the woman's movement uncompromised. She wears white leather gloves 
          she wears in place of gauntlets, and light grey, white fur-trimmed boots as her 
          protection from the elements. 

          If her chosen role in life was still unclear, the sheer number of weapons she 
          bears should dispell that doubt. Of prominence is the great curved blade slung 
          over her shoulder, the weapon rumoured to have felled giants in a single blow. 
          Slightly less prominent, though bearing a much richer history, are the paired 
          blades Loffwyn and Wynteer, the elven longsword and shortsword, both worn on 
          her left hip. Her right hip bears the weight of not just one, but two hammers, 
          one with a head as black as coal, the other silver. A dagger, harder to spot, 
          has been sheathed on her forearm in easy reach. 

          Occasionally this woman also bears a long composite bow, strapped over the 
          sword on her back as well as a quiver bristling with arrows which shares a 
          hip with her warhammers. 

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~[ Eldanar Female ]~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Serene nods at the confirmation, then approaches the counter. "I wish to commission a 
gauntlet for my left hand." She holds the gloved hand in question up, closing it into 
a fist. "I have a few specifications for it, if you do custom pieces."
Walery peers at the gauntlet, nodding slowly. "Oh, I absolutely do custom pieces!" he 
says eagerly. Apparently he doesn't get to do them very often. "Tell me what you're 
looking for in this gauntlet? The style of your armor is quite impressive, so 
something that will blend with that, as a starting point at least."
"That would be ideal," admits Serene, sounding... well, pleased might be overstating 
it, but certain a step towards that. With her right hand she gestures to various parts 
of her glove as she explains it. "I would like it to be plated as much as possible 
while keeping the flexibility as unhindered as possible. And I wish small blades mounted 
behind the knuckles in such a way that when my hand is open, they will not catch, but 
when I close my fist it may be used as a weapon."
Walery reaches under the counter to pull out a notepad and a tape measure. "Can you 
take the glove off and place your hand on the counter, ma'am, I'll need to get a few 
measurements before I can start." He hrms about the blades and plating, but says, 
"I think I can manage that. Light enough not to impede, strong enough to crush your 
enemies. That's always the desire, of course," he admits. "But I think you'll be 
pleased with the result of links of mail and small plates. Did you want it in 
mithral-steel to match your armor, or plain steel?"
Walery adds, "Or will you be wearing it over the glove?"
Serene looks at her glove and considers. "Ordinary steel will be fine. Will wearing 
it over this glove compromise the design? I wish for your best work... whatever that 
will require."
Walery shakes his head about compromising the design. "Not a problem at all. 
Armored gauntlets are often expected to be worn over normal gloves. It's a bit of 
extra work if they're -not-, so if they'll be worn over your normal gloves, that's 
ideal." Plus he doesn't need to get super fancy on the lining. He'll take a few 
measurements of the gloved hand, then, noting down on his pad of paper. "Would you 
like any fancywork done on the gauntlets?" he asks. "Filligree or scrollwork, so 
that it melds better visually with the rest of your armor and gear?"
Serene's brow furrows just a little as her lips press together in thought. Apparently 
she didn't consider this... perhaps the function was the overriding concern, but now 
Walery has her thinking. She glances at her armour, then shakes her head. "Nothing 
specific. I would like it to match, but I have a preference of austere over fancy. 
Just enough that it does not look out of place."
Walery nods slowly, and agrees, "Form over function, but something suitable as a whole. 
Appropriate, and definitely not gaudy, nor brutal-looking." He hrms, does a quick sketch, 
showing layered plates over quite fine mail, with the spikes as you'd asked, more studs 
than blades. "They'll hit harder, that way," he explains. Finer spikes would tear flesh a 
bit better, but they'd break after the third or fourth punch, particularly against an armored 
Serene isn't inclined to argue. She nods as she watches Walery make his sketch, looking over 
it with a critical eye. "That is acceptable. Thank you for the suggestion. I am not likely to 
use it as a weapon often, but I do wish it as a reliable alternative."
Walery nods gravely. "When you need it, you really need it. Such is the way of the warrior." 
He smiles. "I should have it made in a few days, I can send word to you, or you can stop by here?"
"I will stop by," Serene says, pulling forth a small pouch to count out coins of mixed type. 
"If I have not come to retrive it within a week, can you have it delivered to Eluna's Temple?"
Walery bows his head, and replies, "Absolutely!" He will name the price in gold and silver as 
she produces the coinpouch. "I am sure you will be quite pleased with the result."

"Of that I have complete faith, Master Walery. As I said, you came recommended." Serene speaks 
matter-of-factly, betraying not even a hint of a doubt about the smith's ability. "Oh. And do 
be sure to include your mark somewhere upon it."
Walery looks pleased that he's been recommended. Was it a paladin that he'd made the plate 
for a few months ago? He'll be wondering for weeks, now. As to the smith's mark, he says 
demurely, "Not all wish an artificer's mark to be visible, so I often put it on the underside 
of the plate, but if you're willing, I will mark the upperside of the plate." He points to 
such a mark on one of the show pieces in the armory, an anvil with a hammer striking it and 
sparks coming off, all the size of a man's thumbnail.
"A craftsman's work deserves to be recognized, Master Walery," the Eluniate states. "That 
will be perfectly acceptable." She gazes at the artificers sketch for a moment longer, then 
gives on final, abrupt nod before pulling her cowl up in place. "I will drop in on you later 
this week, if I am able. THank you."
Walery smiles quite widely, and says, "You are very welcome, ma'am. I am pleased to be able 
to do this for you." He'll bow as she pulls up her cowl, and turns to call to an apprentice 
to light off the forge. "We have work to be about!"